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Love a Futon Loveseat

Posted on Thu, Feb 13, 2014

  It's that time of the year to snuggle up with the one you love and keep warm during this winter season. The futon loveseat is the perfect size for two and fits in any space. There are two options for a loveseat: A loveseat with an ottoman and a loveseat lounger.

Loveseat with Ottoman 

  • In order to use a loveseat as full size bed, an ottoman is needed.
  • You can create more space or more seating with a separate ottoman or add the ottoman to a sofa or chair to make into a lounger.
  • Use the ottoman as a coffee table!

Loveseat Loungerfuton loveseat lounger

  • The loveseat has a built in ottoman. Fits under the seat saving space when it's not needed.

  A loveseat is versatile. Because of its size, the places it can go are varied. A living area is obvious but how about at the end of your bed? It can provide nice extra seating in a child's room or in an upstairs loft. A large kitchen can often accommodate a small seating area using a loveseat or a long ottoman to make an upholstered bench.

  A futon loveseat gives you lots of extra options. Customize your piece with a zip on slip cover and pillows to coordinate. Futon loveseats give you extra sleeping space when needed. Futon loveseats can go anywhere and move easily when it's time to move. Need recovering? You don't need to spend a fortune, just purchase a new futon cover and put on.

  Futon mattresses come in a variety of loveseat sizes too.  The Mattress can be split into sets that allow you to have nicer type of mattress such as an innerspring or memory foam. They are are thicker and more comfortable to use everyday tahn the one piece. Use the loveseat mattresses for sitting and add the ottoman mattress when using as a bed. Otherwise you can have a one piece mattress that fold's under itself. These are thiner and more economical.

You will be delighted at the variety of styles and finishes that futon loveseats and futon chairs are available in. It doesn't matter what style you like, we have something that will coordinate with your home decor. The futon store Memphis is the largerest supplier or futons in the mid south. Stop in and see us.

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