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Football Fever and Futons

Posted on Thu, Jan 30, 2014

It's that time of year again when everyone seems to be in front of their big screen TV Watching Football. The guys are yelling and eating, the women are talking and eating, the kids are running around. Now why do you need a futon? Football and futons go hand in hand. Here's why.

   Futons are comfortable
First of all futons make a comfortable place to put your butt when watching TV.futon sofa sleeeper

   Futon covers are cleanable
A futon can be cleaned easily when friends and family spill something on your futon. They come off for washing or dry cleaning depending on the fabric. 

   Futons open quickly
Futons can be popped open when one of your friends gets drunk and shouldn't be driving home until the next morning when they are sober, Or the weather turnes awful and you need a place to crash.

   Futons move easily
Decide you want to move the futon into another room? Don't need a moving crew. You can move with one friends help. Or take apart yourself and move it!

  Think this is cheap uncomfortable furniture? It's not any of those things any more. Nice futons are a great value and with the right mattress they are really comfortable too. Covers come in all your favorite patterns, styles, and colors to give you a custom made sofa at a store bought price.

  Go shopping for a good futon. A good well made one is usually wood. Full is the most popular size but futons come in every size possible. You can decide on a chair, twin, loveseat, full, or queen. Get one to mix with your other furniture or get a full setting with tables to match. Covers give you color and pizzaz in your room. Add pillows and a big throw for comfort. Easy to shop for in a real store but difficult to see and feel what you are getting when you purchase on line.futon chair and ottoman

  Our customers love their futons. We have a huge repeat business because customers find futons more comfortable than a regular sleep sofa and much easier to use when company comes. Come in and check us out before you rule out a futon for your home.

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