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From Drab To Fab With A Futon

Posted on Thu, Dec 19, 2013

Using a contemporary futon, turn your spare room from Drab to Fab. Decorating a new futon is a snap with a cute cover and coordinating pillows. Use accent colors around the room and on the walls. Add an antique desk or bookcases for your books and accessories. Paintings and wall art will freshen up the decor, too. Put a flat screen TV and / or a good sound system to add to the ambiance. You can turn any extra bedroom into a multi-purpose room that can quickly turn into a guest room when needed. In the meantime, you and your family can enjoy the living space with added comfort.natural futon frame

Create a Look Book on Houzz or HGTV site. Gather ideas from other decorating sites that help you design and decorate your dream room. Futons are often found on these sites for multi-functional rooms where occassional sleeping space is needed. They are the most multi-functional, usable, and affordable item you can purchase for maximum comfort for sitting and sleeping. Check out all the new designs and fabrics that we have for turning your space from Drab to Fab. We have the newest fabric designs available.

Start your Transformation with a new paint color, wall decals, or wall hangings. Mix new and older pieces for maximum impact and function. Using reclaimed and repurposed furniture or older antique items add interest and make your space unique to you. Look for interesting items that might work in a place that it wasn't originally made for. Example: An old TV entertainment center that can be painted and reworked to add storage or bookshelf space to your room. Maybe you want to make a bar out of this. There are so many opportunities for reusing furniture. Look at bargain furniture stores or thrift store for these types of items.contemporary futon in playroom

Let your imagination run wild and have fun decorating. Create a room that can be used and enjoyed in many different ways by the whole family. 

The futon store can help you with all your futon frame, mattress and cover selections. We have a sister store called bargain furniture warehouse which can provide you with unique recycled and repurposed furniture to coordinate with your new futon.

Stop by one of our Memphis stores today. You can also go on our websites to see our selection.        

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