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Thinking of Futons...

Posted on Thu, Mar 20, 2014

  I was just thinking about customers coming or not coming into our futon store because we have the name futon on the door. Futons for some reason get a bad rap. Why is that? Have you been into our store recently? Were you pleasantly surprised? Would love to hear your impressions.futon store front

  HGTV even has designers using futons in living room areas. They are mixing futons with other expensive designer sofas or alone as the main couch. I've also seen them in nurseries and teenage bedrooms. Futons are comfortable, decorative, stylish and come in many different sizes. They are real furniture. Use to be years ago they were disposable beds used by college students or the poor apartment dweller. They were low, flimsy, unfinished sofas or beds used only until you could afford to replace. NOT ANY MORE!

  Lets discuss what you can get with a good futon. First they come in many styles. finishes, and sizes that will all open easily when needed for a bed. You might never use that way but you can. mattresses also come in different thicknesses and different feels. You can get plush and soft or very firm and anything in between.

  Once you've selected the look, feel, and size you prefer the cover is next. Covers are now available from the same fabrics that are all the upholstered company's use on nice chairs and sofas. Because you pick everything you want in one piece, you get a custom sofa sleeper and about half the price of a nice conventional one. AND you can get really quickly because of our instock program. NO waiting months for the right item.futon room set

  Futons fit in many different areas of you home, office, lake house, or cabin. You can't imagine how many times we've heard that an expensive sofa or sleep sofa has been ordered for a room and when it arrives the movers can't get it into the room. At that point someone mentions a futon and the person comes into our store. Futons move easily into any space because they can be taken in pieces and assembled in the room if needed.

  Next, for an area that gets heavy use, covers are cleanable. Or you can have several covers that you change for the seasons. Redecorating is easy too, since all you need is a new cover not the entire sofa again. Saves you money and time.

  Don't be afraid to come take a look. It's definitely worth your while and you'll be surprised at what you find. Come into the futon store in Memphis or go to our web site futonstore-memphis.com. Call one of our staff for price and shipping costs. We'd love to help you.

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