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Futons on the Go Go

Posted on Thu, Oct 31, 2013

On the move for the holidays in your RV, Mobile Home or 5th Wheel? Futons move easily when you're on the go in your mobile home. Get comfortable and sleep well while visiting family and friends. Add drawers for storage so everything you'll need will be in one place while on the move.futon with drawers

Get some Fresh air and a smooth ride while sitting on your futon in your mobile home, RV, or 5th wheel. We have the perfect solution to make your space comfortable. Futons with plush mattresses, or oversized bean bags that open into beds are easy to move. Drawers can be added to hold your books and tapes or clothes under your frame.armless futon

We are constantly getting customers coming into our store looking for futons and furniture that's small scaled, comfortable, and easy to use on the road. Friends are telling them about their decor in their mobile environment and our name keeps coming up for futons.

Futons are available in all sizes and colors to go with the decor of your RV. They are much more comfortable than the hard sofabeds that usually come when you buy your vehicle. Covers come off for easy cleaning or redecorating and everyone loves to sleep on a comfortable futon. Why not be really comfortable while your are traveling? Don't worry about getting the sofa dirty. Just take the cover off and wash or dry clean it. Choose colors that are pleasing to you on your travels.

Frames are available in sizes that will fit any space. Mattresses are made to be super comfy so you can sit, relax or sleep well. Your choices are endless. Mattresses with Innersprings, memory foam, or cotton and foam come in almost any size to fit the futon you choose.twin chair lounger

You'll want to select a cover that goes with the rest of your decor in color and style. Many fabrics are washable.

bean bagSo if you're on the move for the holidays in your mobile home, RV, or fifth wheel, stop in to see how much more comfortable and utilitarian your traveling home can be. Using a futon can make your trip more flexible and enjoyable. Check out our store for futons and furniture right for you.

Bean bag chairs have also come a long way. Now, inside the chair is a bed! You can get a bean bag that has a full, queen or even king bed inside! Talk about creative and mighty convenient! 

You have just enough time to order and get in anything you'd like to take with you on your travels. Stop in today and get started for your holiday travels. Be sure to check out our web site for coupons to help save you money.


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