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Sleep Better on an Adjustable Bed

Posted on Fri, Oct 25, 2013

Everyone can get a better night's sleep and wake up refreshed by using an adjustable bed frame. Sleeping on an adjustable bed is actually good for your health. All age groups alike can perform better with a better night's sleep. Have back, neck, or leg pain? Adjust your position for extra support and more comfort. There are many different adjustable beds describe the imageavailable.

Health Benefits of sleeping on an adjustable bed

  • Less Snoring
  • Better digestion
  • More Comfortable Body sleeping position
  • Increases Comfort level by reducing pressure
  • Better overall circulation 

Lifetyle Benefits 

  • Better position for Reading in bed
  • Better position for Watching Television
  • Better position for Working on your Laptop

Adjustable beds advantages over traditional, flat mattresses because they:

  • Provide Pressure Relief
  • Promote Proper Circulation
  • Add Customized Support
  • Promote Healthly Posture
Mattress companies don't make the adjustable bases. They do make mattresses that are flexible for these bases. The most popular types used are memory foam or cool gel infused memory foam. The new hybrid mattresses that use pocketed coil springs with a memory foam, gel foam or latex tops can also work well on an adjustable base. The mattress must be able to bend without wearing down the mattress over time.
Types of Adjustable Basesadjustable bed with headboard
  • Manual adjust
  • Wall Hugger
  • Massage
  • Wire or Wireless Control
  • Sizes Available
The type of base you purchase depends on your budget, needs, features and options you want. Remember, to get the health benefits, you don't need to get all the features or to spend the largest dollar amount. For the best sleeping benefits all you really need is one that power adjusts the head and foot to the best possible position for comfortable sleeping.
Forget the notion that only older people need or sleep on adjustable beds. Younger adults should also consider these beds. With all the time we spend in bed, sleeping, reading, watching television, and working on computers this would be helpful. Sitting up in bed unsupported or inappropriately supported can give you back pain. An adjustable bed will give you the right amount of support and keep you properly aligned. Good for anyone at any age.
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