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Get Cozy in a Futon Chair

Posted on Fri, Sep 27, 2013

Curl up on a futon chair or twin chair for comfort. They are just perfect if you are limited on space. Makes a comfortable chair to relax on, to sit on or watch tv, or when using your lap top! Is your room small? A futon chair works well in any small bedroom or a nook in your family room. Futon chairs come in a variety of different styles and finishes. Just like our larger futons, they can open for extra sleeping or be used with an ottoman to make a great lounge chair. Twin chair sleeper

The chair shown in our photo has a pull out lounger/ottoman. The pull out is used when in a lounging or sleeping position. Some are available with a seperate ottoman which can also serve as an extra seat.futon chair with pullout ottoman

Most stores only carry full size futons. We sell a variety of futons in different sizes along with a variety of good, comfortable, long lasting mattresses. You can custom design the size, as well as the style you need. There are many decorative style covers to help you compliment your current furniture.

Other style chairs or twin chairs have a seperate ottoman, like this one. Both pieces are needed to make a twin bed or lounge chair. It's a seat for two but only sleeps one. Pull the ottoman away and use as a small bench or table.

twin futon chair with ottoman

Chairs and twin chairs can run a little more in price than the average full futon because it takes extra work to make different items that need to work together. A well made futon chair can be comfortable enough for everynight sleeping and beautiful in the right style and fabric. Futon chairs make an excellent investment. Easy to convert to bed, easy to move and easy to clean.

Add a unique cover and pillows to accent your chair or to match your other furniture and you'll have a comfortable chair that will last for years. 

Before going shopping make sure to take accurate measurments for your space. Take into account the area needed when you open your futon into a bed.

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