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Ideas for Decorating on a Small Budget

Posted on Thu, Aug 08, 2013

New space and not a lot of money to decorate with? Or are you trying to redecorate your room on a tight budget? Times are rough and everything seems to be getting more and more expensive these days. You want to spend your money wisely by getting well made new seating and bedding items first. Items like a futon, sofa or mattress need to be new. This is not the place to purchase used. Here are some helpful hints on how to make the rest of your space comfortable and looking great without much cash. Also check out the online DIY websites for fun and creative ideas to help. 

Draped Windows: Hang your drape panels higher and wider than the window dimensions. This gives the illusion of a bigger room. I did this in my house and it looks amazing!

Stick with Neutral Colors: If you paint your walls a neutral color to start, it makes it easier and less expensive to just change decorative pillows, pictures and other small accessories to give the room a new theme! Neo Loveseat

Multi-purpose Furniture Pieces: Small space? Get furniture pieces that can be used for different things like an ottoman that has hidden storage and can be used as a coffee table or an extra seat! Some ottomans open to a twin pull out bed. You can get a loveseat or chair futon for smaller spaces and save money! With a loveseat or chair, you get an ottoman (which can be used as an extra seat and coffee table) or one with a pull out ottoman for saving space and a bed for those unexpected guests! AMAZING!

Refinish Furniture: Sounds harder than it really is! Just need some sandpaper, brushes, and paint! You can find almost any "how to" video on youtube these days. You can even easily add new hardware (like knobs) to create a completely different look, which is very cheap!

Painting: Paint is not expensive, especially if you get paint that is on the "clearance" shelf. Someone's wrong color could be your just right color! Painting a room can make a world of difference.

Sewing: How about getting down that sewing machine you hid in the attic! Ask your mom or Grandmother to teach you or find a local class. Or even youtube.com on how to use a sewing machine! Purchasing clearance fabric can save you so much money. You can easily sew decorative pillows, curtains, quilts, and so much more. Make your own. You wfutonill be so surprised on how much fun it can be and how much happier your wallet will feel!

Futons: Of course, futons are great to use in a small space. Futons come in all difference sizes and price ranges. And the best part is you can change the covers to create new looks without spending a fortune. Covers can be washed or dry cleaned depending on the fabric also saving money. You don't have to spend a fortune recovering an upholstered piece to make it look nice again.

Bargain stores: Stores like our store inside our warehouse (bargain furniture warehhouse) has all sorts of fun finds for your whole house. Great place to look for unusual and inexpensive consignment items and new stuff at low prices.

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