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Searching for a Futon in Memphis

Posted on Fri, Sep 13, 2013

Need a futon and just started looking? Who is it for, you or your kids? Do you need it larger or smaller, cheap sleep or a nicer more decorative one? We have them all in our store or online. Futons fit the needs of many. Use a futon as a spare room bed for occassional use or it can be your living room sofa that happens to open to a comfortable bed. It fits both needs with comfort and style. The futon store specializes in everything you need for your futon. Covers, mattresses, and frames can be purchased as a set or each piece can be bought seperately.  full futon sofa sleeper

If you are not familiar with a futon or only remember them from your college or first apartment days, take a second look. You won't recognize the look or the feel. There are still some of the trifold and cheaper metal styles out there but that's not what you'll find here.

Let's take a look at what is available today - New styles that fit your budget and decorating style, and decorative covers that are cleanable and easy to change with the seasons. There are many comfortable mattresses to choose from that can be slept on everynight.futon collage 


1. Wood in twin size, full size, or queen size
2. Metal with a more substantial feel
3. Sizes to fit your space 
4. Ottomans to make a lounger or extra seat
5. Designs to fit any decor

MATTRESSES foam futon mattress

1. Firm to soft
2. All cotton and cotton-foam combination
3. Innerspring and pocketed-coil innerspring
4. All foam and memory foam
5. All sizes and thicknesses

COVERSfuton covers

1. All upolstered fabrics to fit any style
2. Washable or dry cleanable coverings
3. Tufted covers or zip off covers

The flexibilty and ease of use makes a futon the perfect piece of furniture for many different areas in your home, vacation home, apartment or office. Don't be afraid of the term futon. They are known to be a valuable and well used furniture item.

Customers are always telling us they would not ever consider a futon for their home. They looked at what we had and realized maybe they should reconsider. After having purchased one they now are converts and suggest them to all of their friends. What better reccommendation could you ask for?

If you are looking for a sleep-sofa or something small for a spare room? Try stopping by the futon store to see what all the buzz is about.

Check Out The Futon Collection

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