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Kids Bunk Beds

Posted on Sun, Apr 14, 2013

Starting to design a new look for your kid's bedroom? There are many wonderful options out there today. Bunkbeds are available in many different sizes, finishes, and styles. Futon bunkbeds and loft beds are another possibility. With a little imagination you can create the perfect environment for your child to grow up in. A good plan incorporates ideas for your child to sleep, play, study, and relax.  Also consider these beds for a lake house or vacation home where multiple people will be using a sleeping area.


WHITE BUNKBEDBunkbed styles come in a range of styles for boys or girls. They usually come with a ladder and side rails for safety. Many come apart into two twins or a twin and a full later. Both storage drawers or a trundle bed  can be placed underneath. This white bedroom is great for a girl or young boy. It's crisp and fresh with lots of storage and play areas. 

A twin full bunkbed option is another great idea if you have an older and a younger child sharing a room. This set comes apart also into a twin and a full bed. Storage drawers or a trundle bed will fit underneath either unit.

Twin over full bunkbed

Want to create a bedroom for a pre-teen or teenager? You should consider a futon bunk or loft bed.

Futon bunkbeds or Loft beds

futon bunkbedGet a twin bed to sleep in on top and a sofa on the botton. Have a place to sit or open up to a full bed on the bottom. Many more configurations with these beds.

This type of set up is great for older kids and college students too. They are available in metal or wood versions. The bottom sofa can be decorated with a fabric cover and pillows that are all cleanable. Coordinate with the top spread for a great look.

Loft beds are the third option. The can give a twin, full. or queen bed on top with different  possibilities underneath. A sofa, futon, desk, chest, or one of several other options can be placed underneath and re-arranged at any time. Lofts can also be used with a twin or full bed coming out from the bed.. They come in wood and metal versions and twin or full.loft bed desk and chest

Bunk beds of any type add more walking space to add square footage to your childs bedroom without moving. They can be used for any child 6 and up. Not recommended for very young children unless only the bottom is used. If you want complete customization, they can be built into the wall. But ready made ones give you more flexibility if you ever want to redo the room.

Have fun, go wild, or whatever pleases your child. Visit the futon store to see all of your options and let us help you design your child's room. If your not thinking bunks, we also have a selection of futons, day beds, or platform beds to choose from.

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