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Creating Looks You'll Love in Your Bedroom

Posted on Thu, Apr 04, 2013

Creating a peaceful and esthetically pleasing bedroom is important for a good night's sleep. Of course choosing the most relaxing color combinations and room placement comes first. Deciding on the right bed and mattress along with the right size for you needs is next. Storage and lighting is also important. Next seating space for reading and relaxing in your own space needs to be considered.

White platform bed in settingYour bedroom done with a simple platform bed can be informal or more ornate depending on the accessories you choose. A nice seating area with a twin chair futon and ottoman gives you a comfortable place to sit, read and relax or watch your favorite TV show. Chests and dressers in complimentary finishes are available.

Most people aren't familiar with platform beds. They can be low and very Asian in style or higher off the ground. The variety of platform beds today range from very inexpensive to extremely nice. The cost and look depends on what you looking for.

Most platform beds allow for underneath storage saving you space and giving your bedroom a larger feel if it happens to be small. Platform beds only require a mattress not a foundation. This saves money and bulk. A room using a platform bed can be contemporary, transitional, or more traditional due to the varied styles available today. Metal and wood styles are popular depending on the look your going for. boss platform bedroom Platform beds and futon furniture both work well in smaller bedrooms where you want maximum comfort and style.   

If  the room allows, seating is nice in a bedroom too. A lounger or futon chair with an ottoman works well for extra sleeping if needed. Some larger bedrooms can take a loveseat and table or a full size sofa.  Try different arrangements for placement and utility. Be create and find you style. futon chair                                Make your room look more spacious and less cramped using these decorator secrets. Go up rather than out. Less is more in a small space, so keep it simple with drapes and patterns. Furniture should be scaled to fit the room. Soothing colors make it easier to fall asleep.

You can be creative and budget concious all at the same time. Keep the elements you want and make your bedroom what your've always dreamed of.

The futon store is filled with bedroom ideas using platform beds, futons, and specialty mattresses made with your comfort and budget in mind. Stoop by our store today or check out our web site at futonstore-memphis.com for alternatives in bedroom decor.

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