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Futons: Ultimate Multitasker

Posted on Thu, May 30, 2013

Crash pad, Lakehouse, Nursery too                     futon in a den
Pool house, Office, A Man cave for you.                
Spare room, Living room, They all will do. 

Futons are the ultimate room multitaskers. Fits anywhere and works with anything. Sophisticated to casual they give you the max sitting or sleeping comfort. Futons are quick change artist. One minute a sofa and the next a bed

Need something that can be cleaned easily and quickly recovered when needed? This too is a futon plus. Covers give you color, style and the ability to change colors and designs on a whim.

Need a place for friends to congregate, kids coming home for college and need a place for them to sleep? Family coming unexpectedly or just need a sofa that looks good, is comfortable and can't find something that will fit into the room? Pick a well made mattress for maximum comfort in the bed position or to sit on. A futon is your answer.

futon in a living roomIf you can't accommodate a large piece of furniture a smaller futon like a loveseat or twin chair will work. Both of these open into beds just as easily as the larger ones for a comfortable night's sleep. Same great covers to fit.

Futons: Fit for living. Custom build your look for less. Pick up quickly and moves easily when you are ready to go. Don't think flimsy, uncomfortable, and disposal. Futons are none of these things. And Yes real grown ups do buy them.

Stop in the futon store today and let us help you with your selection for whatever room or area you are fixing up. You can also go to futonstore-memphis.com to brouse our on-line catalog. Call or email us for pricing. 

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