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Make Your Kids Room Rock

Posted on Thu, Mar 07, 2013

Optimize your kids bedroom for space and comfort while creating a cozy bedroom retreat. Kids want their own look and space to hang out in. With futon furniture, bunkbeds and daybeds you can create a safe and relaxing environment for them to study, play and sleep in. Extra sleep space and enough storage is a must.kids futon bunks and daybeds

Can you remember when you were growing up and your parents didn't ask what you wanted in your room? In fact most of us got the old hand-me-downs. Old tired and not kid friendly furniture. Well things are different now and the possibilities are endless. In fact, if needed you can blend the old and the new with futon bunkbeds or daybeds that will coordinate with the older chest, bookcases, and desks you already own.

Let's talk space. Most kids enjoy having a space to call their own to create or relax in comfort. Futon bunks only take up the space of a single bed but go up instead of out. You get a sofa and extra full size bed on the bottom and a twin bed or full bed on the top depending on your need. Some bunks allow for storage drawers or another trundle bed underneath. This keeps everything compact. Day beds also allow for underneath drawers or a trundle. With a daybed you will need large back pillows to use as a sofa. Loft beds give you the same kind of options with a little different look. The bed is on top. A desk, chest offuton bunk with drawers drawers, or bed an be arranged underneath.

Use this decorating experience with your teens as bonding time. Often teens can't be bothered communicating with parents or adults but letting them participate by re-doing their bedroom you might find common ground. Set a budget and let them help locate furniture, bean bags and fun wall decorations. Kids are great with locating ideas on the computer.full size bean bag 

Once you've decided on a theme and what pieces you want to use, decide on a budget and shop locally if possible to find the best solutions. Different fabric designs and a splash of color also allow for creativity. Get covers that are washable for ease of care so you won't have to worry about spills and mess. Add large and small pillows for comfort. Futon furniture is reasonably priced, well made and functional. Don't rule it out due to your old perceptions of futons.

At the futon store we are use to helping families with kids and bonus rooms that need to be muti functional. Well made furniture that will last for years and grow as your child does.


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