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Futon Bunkbed: A Bunkbed and Sofa in one.

Posted on Fri, Dec 21, 2012

How do you get a sofa and bunkbed in one great piece of furniture? By adding a stylish futon bunkbed to compliment your room. Great for kids room or anywhere extra seating and sleep space is needed. Space saving and unique way to decorate a small room. Regular bunk beds give you a bed on the top and bottom so two kids can share a room or have guests over. A futon bunk gives you a bed on top and a sofa or full bed on the bottom. Great for having sleep overs or just a nice place to study or sit in your room. When shopping you should look for quality, safety, and durability in the bunk. The mattresses should be selected for best comfort and longevity. Make sure to ask about warranty and possibility of getting parts if needed or adding other pieces to match at a later date.

futon bunkbed

Futon bunkbeds are:
Sofas on the bottom
Twin or Full size beds on the top bunk
Easy to operate
Give extra sleep space or seating in your room
Available in many different styles and finishes to compliment your room
Excellent sleeping arrangement for kids or adults
Wood or metal versions available 

Standard bunk beds are:twin/twin bunkbed
Available in twin, full, twin/full combinations (a few in queen)
Large selection of finishes
Pull apart into two beds
Metal or wood
Drawers or trundle beds for underneath can be added

Futon bunkbeds and regular bunks make extra space in any bedroom. Today's styles and finishes make it easy to fit into any decor. The beds take regular bed mattress and regular sheets and bedding. For bunk beds make sure the mattress you use isn't thicker than the side rails for safe use. The futon portion takes one of several types of futon mattresses. These are comfortable for sitting and sleeping.

Lakehouses, guest cottages and hunting lodges used for multiple people to sleep are another perfect setting for futon bunkbeds or larger scaled bunkbeds. Get plenty of extra space to hold your company. Choose a style that compliments your decor. Covers on the futon bottom can be used for color and design. They come off for easy cleaning or redecorating. Futon bunks come in a variety of  color and finishes. You can even refinish your own. Styles range from contemporary to traditional and country to country french. It's easy to design your room and arrangement to fit your needs.

Beds that grow with the kids. Young kids love the novelty and older kids love having their own space to enjoy. Adults like the extra sleeping it provides. Check out our well made and versatile selection today of bedroom furniture, mattresses and more.              

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