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Decision Time: Futon or Sofa-Sleeper?

Posted on Sun, Nov 25, 2012

The decision to purchase a sofa-sleeper or a futon can be major decision. They both serve the same purpose but are very different in how they perform and feel. They both open to beds, but that's where the similarities end. Futons allow you to quickly customize the way they feel and look by selecting one of many different mattresses for your comfort level. Add decorative Covers for color and style. Covers can be changed at a whim and are cleanable. 

COMPARISON OF FUTON TO SOFA-SLEEPERcontemporary futon sleeper


1. Available in 5 sizes: full, queen, loveseat, twin or chair.
2. Choose metal or wood styles in a variety of finishes.
3. Fabrics come off for cleaning or easy redecorating.
4. As comfortable as your bed when in bed position.
5. Easily goes anywhere needed because it can be assembled on     site.
6. More comfortable than a traditional sofa bed to sit and sleep on. 


Sofa-Sleeper:tray arm futon

1. Heavy to move
2. Most are uncomfortable to sleep on and some to sit on.
3. Expensive to recover & not as cleanable (especially if there are kids & pets in your             home).
4. Wait time for custom fabric or size usually takes several weeks
    or months plus an added cost.
5. Can't always fit into space where needed.
6. Well made sleeper sofas are a lot more expensive.

Considering your choices, futons make sense. Ever buy a sofa or sofa sleeper and it wouldn't fit into your room? That won't happen with a futon because they can be built on site. Futons are practical, extremely comfortable, affordable, and can be customized quickly with a new cover.

Futons are notorious for being thought of as cheap and uncomfortable pieces of furniture only to be used when you can't afford something nice. Consumers of futons will tell you that all of the negative hype about futons isn't true. They work well in any space that needs to convert to a comfortable guest bed quickly. When you have kids and pets they clean easily. Futons are well built, versatile, and attractive enough to fit in any room.

Stop by today to see how a futon would work for you. Chances are there is a style that you'll like and will match your decor.

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