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12 Reasons a Futon is Your Best Choice

Posted on Thu, Oct 25, 2012

Twelve Reasons to buy a futon instead of a sleeper-sofa.

futon sofa

1. Comfort: futon mattesses are twice as thick as a sleeper-sofa matt. A good mattress can be used for everynight sleeping.

2. No bars in you back. Feels like your bed.

3. Decorative covers come off for cleaning. Many are washable.futon covers

4. Futons are easier to manage during moving. Sleeper-sofas are usually bulky and extremely heavy

5. What to redecorate? Just buy a new cover not an entire sofa again.

6. Futons can be assembled on site in your room. A lot of doorways/staircases are to narrow for a full size sofa to be moved up into the room.

7. No cushions to remove. The seating area and sleeping cushion is the same.

8. Futons open flush while a sleeper-sofa opens out into the room. This saves space.open and closed futon

9. Our solid hardwood futons are constructed with a fully exposed frame (if by chance it gets damaged) there is a good chance it could be repaired unlike a sleeper-sofa.

10. If your futon mattresss wears out, it's replaceable.

11. Most wood frames offer three different positions so you can lounge.

12. Futons offer quality, maximum comfort, unlimited decor options at a very afforable price.

Futons offer comfort, excellent value and style wherever you need extra seating or sleeping space. They work well in home offices, keeping rooms, family rooms or wherever you want to use one. Stop in the futon store today and find the perfect futon for you.

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