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Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattresses

Posted on Tue, Aug 21, 2012

Are you a hot sleeper? A new cool gel mattress might be your answer. Cool gel infused memory foam is the newest advancement in giving you a great night's sleep. Like memory foam you get better pressure relieve and excellent body support while sleeping. Since a third of our life is spent in bed, you need to get the best and most suppportive mattress you can afford. Changing lifestyles and age are a great reason to look at improving your sleep situation.gel foam mattress, gel foam memphis


Improved air flow keeps you cooler when you sleep. Heat buildup makes you sweat and keeps you awake and uncomfortable at night.


Regular memory foam can give you the quick sand sinking feel. Gel foam gives stronger support making it easier to roll over or change positions. 


Anti-microbial and dust might reisistant for those who suffer with allergies. Keep the dust mies away!

Gel infused foam is available in all sizes and is perfect for platform beds. It gives a low profile appearance with maximum comfort. Gel foams come in soft, medium soft and firmer combinations similar to a more standard bed mattress. 

Not interested in regular memory foam because you have heard it sleeps hot or you can't roll over or get out of bed easily? Then you need to come try out one our new gel-infused memory foam mattresses. We have with our platform beds as well and with a traditonal box foundation.

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