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Futon Loveseats: Small Futons Built forTwo...

Posted on Fri, Jul 13, 2012

loveseat futon sleeper

Do you need a smaller size futon for your room? Futons come in many different sizes.

Some rooms can't accommodate a large piece of furniture.

Our smaller futons are available in many styles and finishes just like their larger counterpart.

They all open for extra sleeping space just like the larger futons.

Loveseat size futons will sit and sleep two. The overall size depends on the arm style but generally run between 58 inches to 62 inches outside arm dimensions.

Loveseats will have an extra piece like an ottoman or can have an extension that pulls out from the front. There are advantages to each.

The separate ottoman can act as extra seating space when needed or can be be placed in a different area.

Pull-out extension saves space in a small area. Both are needed to make a full size bed. 

futon loveseat lounger

Mattresses can also come two ways.

A one piece mattress that will fold several times saves space and money but will be thinner and firmer.

A two piece mattress set gives more comfortable options in how you want the futon to feel.

With the extra ottoman mattress you do have to have a place to store if not on an ottoman.

Since the ottoman matt is small it can go behind your loveseat and not be seen or stored somewhere else when not in use.

If you have a seperate ottoman then you can use as footstool, bench, or coffee table.

Loveseat futons generally cost more than a full size because their are more parts but the benefits you get are worth it.

A comfortable and stylish smaller functional sofa sleeper for that small extra room in your home.

For more information about futons and their sizes check out our Memphis store!


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