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Futon Shopping? Use These 5 Tips...

Posted on Thu, Sep 13, 2012

Are you going futon shopping soon? Here are 5 things to consider when making a futon purchase. There is lots to consider while out looking both in stores and on line. Know what your needs are. How long do you what it to last? Who is going to use the futon? Will it be sat or slept on more? Know your dimensions of the space the futon is going in. futon sofa roomset

5 Things to consider when going futon shopping...

1. Get a frame that will hold up to your usage. Wood frames generally hold up better than metal. No metal bars in back with a wood frame. Wood and metal combinations still use metal bodies but give you the look of wood and are also generally cheaper.

2. Make sure you get a comfortable and durable mattress. Thicker and well tufted ones last longer than fluffy ones with no tufts. A good innerspring or foam will also last longer. There are some really cheap innerspring matts, so sit and lie down to make sure they are comfortable with enough cotton and foam padding around the springs.quilted futon mattress

3. Make sure to sit and lie down on whatever you are buying before purchasing. Just because frames and mattresses look alike doesn't mean they feel alike.

4. Select a cover that is removable and cleanable. Some cheaper matts come with a tufted cover that can't be removed for cleaning but you can usually purchase another cover that zips on top when you are ready.

5. Look for the best value not just the cheapest futon out there. If you are buying a futon for short term use then it might not matter what you get.  Even when considering for college use, spend a little more and be able to use all four years or more. It is a waste of money to keep re-buying every year and throwing away.

A futon can be a great investment when you purchase the right one for the right purpose. Many of our customers find futons practical, functional and a great value. They are easy to work, clean and move. New covers are always available to redecorate with too!

We have the largest selection of futons, mattresses and covers in the mid south. We have a local warehouse so most of our items are in stock for quick pick up or delivery. Stop by the futon store today in Memphis to see which futon is best for you...Or call for shipping information.


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