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Why Buy A Futon?

Posted on Fri, Jun 08, 2012

There are many reasons people look for and purchase futons. The number one reason is for a spare room. They want more space to use the room as an office, sewing room, or reading area and at times they might still need an extra bed. This is an excellent choice for both. This is the answer for a vacation home or cabin also. The ease of use and ability to take off and clean cushions and covers is a plus. With all of the choices available today in both style and real comfort, people of all ages are considering the benefits of using a futon instead of a sleep sofa.futon sofa and futon bed

 7 Reasons to use a futon instead of a sleep sofa or day bed.

1. Fits into any space with ease.

2. Easy to move when needed.

3. Easy and quick to open and close from sofa to bed.

4. Covers come in any style or fabric for easy cleaning or decorating.

5. As comfortable as any bed.

6. Any size from twin to queen available.

7. When compared to traditional sofa sleepers, better to sleep on and better value for your dollar.

As far as daybeds are concerned, they can make a comfortable bed but are not easy or comfortale to sit on as a sofa. So they are really only good as a small bed. For a room that gets little use and only for sleeping you might want to consider a daybed. Because they aren't as popular today, they are not always easy to find. You should take a look at futons if you are looking for any extra room in your home or for a vacation home or lake house. A futon gives you a Sofa and a bed in one piece of furniture.

Futons can be put together by you or delivered and set up for you quickly. Many choices of covers are available. All can be changed or cleaned often as needed. Visit one of our futon stores today. See for yourself how really comfortable a futon can be. But remember to get a good one, the cheap ones don't hold up as well and are not as comfortable.   Save by checking out our web site for our weekly coupons.


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