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One futon is cheap the other expensive-Why?

Posted on Fri, Oct 12, 2012

Shopping for a futon? You stop by a discount store and find a futon with a colored mattress and it looks great. Now have a seat if you can. Oh no! you can feel the bars or the frame is wobbly. And you only get to choose the one they have decided you need. Next you have to put it together. It only comes in one size and model. But its cheap.full futon frame in natural

Now make a trip to a futon store. You will find many different models and sizes. The mattresses are thicker and feel much nicer. And you can choose from a large variety of covers. The futons will be more expensive for several reasons.

One: Your have choices! Frames come in different styles and finishes as well as many sizes.

Two:  You can select a mattess with cotton and foam, innersprings, memory foam, wool wrap and more.

Three: What would you like for a cover? Solid, print, Pillows to match? Once again you can choose what you like best to go with your decor.futon covers

Don't you want a futon that looks great, feels wonderful to sit on, and has the flexibility to to work well for years to come? Even in a futon store you will have a large range of prices. Many are not any more expensive than at the lower line stores but you get more for your money. A futon store will set up and deliver it you need also.

A nicer futon uses better quality materials that last longer. Better quality costs more in everything. The old adage you get what you pay for is true here.

futon store photoThe futon store staff is always available to answer questions and help you decide if a futon is right for you. We have a large selection of frames, mattresses and covers in stock and ready to be picked up or delivered if you live in or around the Memphis area. We also will ship anywhere in the states. Call us today.

 The Rookie's Guide to Futons

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