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A New Mattress Can Improve Your Sleep!

Posted on Fri, May 25, 2012

Everyone experience a better night's sleep simply by getting a new bed mattress. Studies show immediate health benefits from purchasing a new mattress. Benefits include less stiffness, reduced back pain, less tossing and turning.serta mattress set memphisWhen you consider you spend a major portion of your life sleeping, that's a big deal!

It's amazing that when you think of these benefits, people purchase cars or appliances more often than a new bed. Runners retire their shoes after a certian number of miles. So you should think of your bed in the same way. It's not known how long a mattress really holds its best suppport. It depends on the kind and quailty of mattress. Better made materials last longer but in general the mattress industry claims that 8-10 years is the needed replacement time for most mattress.

Sleep deprivation causes low productivity and injuries on the job. Our faster paced life style and stress can be a major cause of sleep loss. This in turn accounts for poor job performance, loss of productivity, and accidents on the job. A better night's sleep would help with these issues.

You are paying more attention to eating better, exercising more and in general trying to take better care of your own health. You'll pay money for outside gyms or expensive exercise equipment at home but you won't pay the same attention to your bed.

Mattresses are not made to last forever. Regardless of the type of mattresses you buy, the benefits of a new bed are felt immediately. Take a good look at how you are sleeping on your mattress. How old is it? Are you comfortable and getting good support? If not it is time to go mattress shopping.

A new mattress is a better investment than a car, a T.V. or a computer when you consider the value of a good nights sleep to you.

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