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Futon Mattresses Good for Every Night Sleeping...

Posted on Thu, May 10, 2012

A well made futon mattress can be used on a futon or platform bed every night. Many people like the composition and feel of a futon mattress instead of a tradition bed mattress. It does have a different feel. Futon mattressess can be very firm to medium soft. Solid but not too hard or soft if it's an all cotton or cotton and foam combination. If you choose an innerspring futon mattress it does feel more like a traditional bed mattress. You can also select an all foam mattress or one with memory foam or latex inside. Of course it depends on the feel you like so you have to lie down on one to try it out.

The choices in futon mattresses are as varied as any mattress you can select at a traditiional mattress store. They can be very inexpensive or made with expensive materials and cost more. Your choices are varied and should be evaluated just as a traditonal mattress would be.futon mattresss, futons memphis

Futon Mattress Materials

1. All cotton or cotton and foam combinations-These can be promotional or thicker and longer lasting for more comfort.

2. Traditional link springs, innerspring wrapped with cotton or foam or pocket coil springs which are better and more expensive.

3. All foam some thin promotional pads; others thick, well made comfort foam, longer lasting and much better for sleeping.

4. Memory foam in a proportion that allows for bending on a futon. Available in both firm or medium firm versions.

5. Wool wrapped is a natural material that fits well in a futon mattress and is very comfortable especially in colder climates.

6. Latex foam similar to memory foam in comfort is slightly more expensive.

7. There are a selection of futon mattress that are all natural and eco friendly. These can be the most expensive and in some cases require a doctors note to purchase when the fire retartent is left out due to ones allergies.

Why look at a futon mattress for ever night sleeping?

You should not rule out considering a futon mattress, especially if you want a platform bed or a slimmer more contemporary look in your bedroom. Today's technology with its new materials and combinations of materials make a comfortable, support mattress for almost any bed. Don't go for cheap, go for quality. You should find a good futon mattresses more reasonable in cost than a traditional well made bed mattress.

You will want to try out any futon mattress by sitting and laying down on it just as you would at home before purchasing. This is the only way you know if you will be comfortable for a long period of time.  A good futon store should have several different models for you to try.

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