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Futon covers can jazz up any room!

Posted on Thu, Jun 28, 2012

Colorful space

A new futon cover and pillows can make a room look colorful and fresh looking without painting or a having a major makeover. Add color and design with a new futon cover and pillows. Covers help you create a new look easily without having to purchase a new sofa, loveseat or chair. Add a small coffee table or end table with lamp, books or other decorative items like the following to make your room house beautiful.

Personalize your space, large or small, with these decorative items.

1. Add a new futon cover with a great design and lots of color to start your customization. Covers come in many different designs, colors and styles to fit any motif.

2. Pillows can add an accent color and style. Add buttons, fringe or cording for a unique feel.

3. Plants bring an outdoor feeling and earth tones inexpensively to any room.

4. Lamps add light and depth to your space.

5. Artwork makes a bold statment on the walls or sitting on a mantel or a little stand on a table.

6. Bookcases filled with your favorite books or photos add warmth and a homey touch.

7. Area rugs can define a space and add a statement to help pull seating groups together.

Take any blank space add one or more of these small elements to make a space yours to enjoy. The items don't have to be expensive or elaborate to work. 

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