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Futon in your baby's Nursery - Great Idea!

Posted on Fri, Mar 23, 2012

nurseryFuton in your baby's nursery? Cute decor and best of all, convenient for parents! How often do you need to go into your baby's room to calm a crying child? Or have a baby that's sick and you need to stay in the baby's room? A futon makes a great, restful place to stay without keeping the rest of the house awake (or worse, the rest of the house keeping the baby awake!)

My daughter used a futon in her baby's room and she says it has proved to be very helpful.

It's so versatile! Use it as a guest room in minutes when you need extra sleeping space in a hurry. It is where I stay when I visit my daughter's house. Her home is small and she can put her two boys together in one room when visitors come to stay. She matched her futon to her other baby furniture, which is a dark wood and goes well with her crib and dresser. She also chose a washable, navy cover to go with the colors in the room (and she says the washable cover has come in very handy for spit-up issues!)

A futon can grow with your baby. He/ she will have a sofa to play games on, read on, or watch tv on. And don't forget for those ovenights when your child gets old enough for sleepovers. 

When it's time to redecorate you just purchase a new cover instead of buying a new large expensive piece for the room. How versatile is that? Browse our web site or stop in one of our stores today to get ideas for your new baby's room!

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