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Consider a Futon instead of a Sleeper Sofa.

Posted on Tue, Sep 25, 2012

When considering functional seating or sleeping for an extra room take a look at a futon. If you have never considered one before, futons are can solve your problem of that extra bed when you need it. They're functional and decorative items that fit well into anyones home. Dont' be swayed by what you think a futon is or was years ago. Like many things they have grown up. Futons are more comfortable, usable, and fashionable than ever before. They are not on the floor, or a fold up crate that was crammed into a college dorm room. Does this look like a futon of the past? Entire room sets with tables to match and chairs or loveseats to complete a setting are available.rattan futon setting

You have so many more choices in the look and feel of a futon when compared with a traditional sleeper sofa. Their are many different styles and sizes from which to choose. If your room is small a loveseat or twin chair works well. Mattresses have lots of different feels from soft to firm. Innerspring mattresses and memory foams are popular choices. There are covers for all sizes. Great selections of fabrics are available. We literally have thousands of covers to select from. Many are machine washable and almost all are cleanable. Change your mind a lot? Love to rearrange your room? Then a futon is definitely what you what.

chair and futon setsFutons are for grownups who need beautiful, functional furniture for a home office, den, cabin or lakehouse or just anywhere you need comfortable seating and occassional extra sleeping space for guests. 

Stop by our store today and look at our large selection of futons, mattresses and covers to fix up your room in comfort and style.

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