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Tips for Selecting the Correct Bed Mattress.

Posted on Tue, Apr 10, 2012

Going mattress shopping can be a confusing and difficult process. You have so many to choose from. The information on each mattress can leave you not knowing which is best to buy. Memory foam? Innerspring? Latex? Gel Foam? Adjustable Air? And then there are price differences not only between the different types of mattresses, but from one manufacturer to another. So which ones are best? That really depends on your needs, how you sleep, and your budget.                                                         Serta iComfort mattress memphis

Tips for selecting the right mattress for you...

1. What size best fits your space and sleeping needs? Is there enough space to sleep and turn comfortably?

2. Do you have a budget? Decide on a range before you go shopping. Be realistic, the better mattresses do cost more.

3. Be prepared to lie down on the different types of beds you are considering for at least a few minutes. Always test the one you want. Get in the position you sleep in at home for the best comparision. 

4. If you have a partner take them with you so you both can try out the bed together. Can you feel the other person move and will that bother you during the night?

5. Name brands give you comfort in that you know their reputation but are not always the best for your needs. If you like a mattress and know the store you are getting it from, just consider the materials the bed is made from and how the bed fits you.

6. Do some homework on mattresses before you go shopping. Asking friends is nice but they might not like the same kind of sleeping surface you do. Also consider the mattress you sleep on now. Would you want one with the same features? Did it hold up well? If you didn't like it why?

Now that you know to do some research before you shop and have an idea what to look for you will find the right mattress for you more easily. Buy the best you can afford and remember a new mattress is key to a better night's sleep.

Please stop by and take a look at the different styles we have in our stores for both bed frames and futons. The futon store staff is always happy to help you in your selection.

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