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Futons vs Sofa Sleepers - The Real Story!

Posted on Thu, Jan 12, 2012

Designing a multi-purpose room in your home begins with selecting the right sofa sleeper or futon with the best seating and sleeping comfort for the family. Most of us have had a miserable experience sleeping on a regular sofa sleeper that folds out into a bed. You feel as if you're sleeping on a pile of rocks. There is always some sort of bar in your back. We affectionately called the one at my mother-in-laws house "the rack".memphis futon sofa & futon bed

With a sofa sleeper if you don't like your relatives or do not want someone staying too long, then you're all set. But remember this same sofa sleeper doesn't sit too comfortably either. Sofa sleepers don't move easily because they weigh a ton. We even left one at our house so the new owners could have it to complain about. It was just too heavy!


  • You get a comfortable bed as well as sofa that is easy to open and close. Many of our customers like their futon mattress so well they come back and purchase for their regular beds.

  • Covers are removable for cleaning and easy to change when when you want to redecorate.

  • Need to move? You don't need a moving company because futons are easy to assemble and move.

Futons get a bad name from cheap versions of sofa-sleepers, klick klack sofas, and dorm room futons from discount stores. This is not what futons are all about, they are so much more. Be a smart shopper, don't be afraid to take a closer look. Current futons have evolved greatly over time along with their original users. From simple beginnings they have evolved into a great alternative to conventional heavy sleep sofas.

We have a ton of different frames, mattresses and covers to choose from and in stock!

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