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All I want for Christmas is a Futon!

Posted on Fri, Dec 02, 2011

All I want is a futon for Christmas. Don't bother with all the little things, just get me a really nice futon so I can have a room to use with my friends to play games, work on my computer, or when I have a sleepover. I also really like the futon bunkbeds that make a sofa on the botton and a twin bed on top.

Futons can come in many styles and finishes that will coordinate with your current bedroom furniture. They are sturdy enough for the kids and their friends. And futons are comfortable for your all of your guests.

Futons also make the perfect gift for any spare room in your home. Decorate with one of our fun covers and add some pillows to finish the look. Everyone harmless futon sleeper sofaas times when they need extra sleeping space but don't want or need a bed in the room all the time. A futon is your answer because of their flexibility and comfort. The mattresses are supportive for an excellent night's sleep.They really do fit anywhere. Can't fit a large, bulky, and heavy sleeper up your stairs or through a small door frame? A futon is the answer because they can fit anywhere. Up narrow stairs and along winding hallways, they still fit easily.

Futons make the perfect furniture gift for any child or adult in you home. They can be decorated to fit any decor, and convert from a sofa to bed in just seconds making it easy enough for anyone to open and close.

Come by and see what a futon can do for you! You'll be surprised at what you find at the futon store.

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