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Futon Talk

Posted on Sun, Nov 20, 2011

 While exercising at the gym on Monday, someone asked me about futons. Where would you put one? Why use a futon instead of a sleep sofa? Are they really comfortable? Can my parents sleep on one? Several ladies joined in the conversation to say they had futons in several different rooms in their homes.wicker futon set

Shirley, one of the ladies in my class informed everyone that she had a futon from my store that she's had for years and loves it. In fact she needed a new cover and would be in the store this week to select a new one. I was surprised and delighted at the nice comments I received from those people that had futons. On the other hand, several people were very sceptical about this kind of furniture. I was interested in why they wouldn't even look at one.

Answers on why you would not want a futon ranged from they won't fit my decor, they are not comfortable or I don't like them. They are not the right size for my room or I am too old for a futon. I found all of these answers funny because we sell everyday to customers with the same thoughts. That's if they will walk in a futon store and even look. Our customer are generally older and looking for somthing nice. Customers are always surprised at what they see.

A young man came into our store with his mom to look at a futon for his new apartment. They stayed in the store getting information for over an hour. His mom mentioned that she owed me an apology. I couldn't imagine what for. She had told her son not to consider a futon because it was, in her opinion, only temporary furniture. After seeing what we had to offer she had completely changed her mind and would consider a futon for the room he was moving out of because she found one that fit her decor and was very comfortable. Her son also found exactly what her wanted at a price he could spend for his new living room area.


Comfortable with the correct mattress. Can be soft or firm, innerspring or memory foam, or variations of these.

Futons come in all sizes: Twin, full, loveseat and chair sizes

Covers can be any fabric or material and a large range of colors and patterns. If you've seen sofa fabrics at a sofa store, you may find the same fabrics at a futon store. We also make pillows to match and have fabrics by the yard for any other decorating needs.

Stop by the futon store today and you'll be surprised!

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