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What you need to know about futon warranties!

Posted on Mon, Oct 17, 2011


Quality futons (with few exceptions) come with a warranty against defects in the material or workmanship of futon components. Defects mean imperfections in component parts, which make the product unusable. The warranty is given to and can be used by the original purchaser only. The product must be sold for normal household use not for rental or business purposes. Futons need to be protected when used outdoors because they are really indoor productsloveseat futon.


A warranty covers normal use of the futon product. It does not include damage from accidents, misuse, fire, flood, modification or negligence of the product. It only covers a product used in the manner it is suppose to be used in. If a problem results from inadequate maintenance, cleaning products, or abuse: it is not covered. When the futon is damaged by someone jumping or roughhousing on it that is not covered by the warranty.  No pieces of furniture should be abused this way.


The age-old question is which is better metal vs. wood? Both make great futon frames that will last a long time under normal use. Like most things you get what you pay for. The metal frames are generally less expensive. Therefore metal frames are lighter weight and will not last as long as the nicer wood frames.

“AS IS” means WHAT?!

Warranties do not cover futons that are being sold “as is” or discontinued, but you can usually get parts later if needed at reasonable prices. Check out the frame good before purchasing so  you will be aware of  any problems. Also you can ask the salesperson what the reason is for the “as is” offer. You get what you see. Once you have purchased it is yours!


Products, especially wood ones, can have minor differences in color matching, graining, or texture of wood that is considered normal. What you see on the floor can have slight variations that are considered normal and in no way interfere with the operation of the futon. These differences are what make wood beautiful.


Always keep your receipts from the store where you purchased. You never know when they may be needed. It is helpful for you and the store. If you do have a warranty issue parts are covered but not shipping (delivery) or handling of the free parts.


If you do have a legitimate problem you need to follow a few simple rules to get the problem taken care of: Send in a photo of where the item is damaged and when it happened. Have your receipt with information. Please clean it before bringing back or having us work on it. Would you want to work on someone's dirty stuff? You need to give us a few days to have the manufacturer determine how they are going to handle.

If your futon is properly cared for and used correctly you should have for years. It is a versatile and comfortable piece of furniture for many rooms in you home. This information is meant to be useful and honest. Have any questions you can always call our stores or contact us on our website.

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