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iComfort mattresses by Serta

Posted on Sun, Sep 25, 2011

i comfort memory foam mattressSerta revolutionary Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam is the next step in the evolution of memory foam for it incorperates superior pressure relief and more support where you need it. While many people perfer a traditional memory foam mattress there are others that feel it sleeps too hot or you sink in too deeply to turn over making it difficult to adjust positions at night. The new Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam Gel by Serta is designed to give more targeted support with a cooler feel. These mattresses are made to go on either a platform bed, their own matching foundations or the new Motion Adjustable Foundation.


** Superior Pressure Relief - Cool action material designed to give lower than average pressure which means you get a deeper sleep with less tossing and turning.

** More support where you need it - With ordinary memory foam you can sink into the foam too much while the gel memory beads gather under your body giving extra support making it easier for you to adjust your sleeping position. Muscles relax so you wake up with fewer aches and pains.

** Cooler sleeping - Heat can build up while you sleep making it uncomfortable. The new open cell structure of memory foam helps increase airflow but with the new iComfort gel foam heat is actually whisked away from your body for a cooler, temperature adjusting night's sleep.

** Quicker "break in" period - No real break in period needed for Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam because this material will feel just as it does in our stores. A colder  room doesn't change feel while conventional memory foam can get firmer to start with.

** Motion Perfect Foundation - Wireless lower foot and upper body head adjustment, lower and upper body massage with timer and intensity controls. Relax, watch TV, read, or use your computer in bed with the right positions. You can adjust your bed to fit your lifestyle!

** Sleep more comfortably, ease back and neck pain, improve circulation, reduce acid reflex and reduce snoring all by using the correct bed and the right positions.

So now your know why you need to try out a new iComfort bed today. All beds and bases have a 25 year warranty. Serta has made a major committment with this new product and we think you'll find it's worth it too.

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