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Bed Mattress Care Do's and Don'ts

Posted on Tue, Sep 13, 2011

bed mattress & foundationHere are some helpful hints in keeping your new Serta bed or futon mattress in excellent condition.

Do: Rotate you mattress as needed, this will promote even wear. If your mattress is a no flip it still can be rotated.

Do: Use the proper frame with center supports on queen/king bed sets to validate your warranty.

Do: Make sure to buy a mattress protector or good pad to keep your bedding clean. Stains, soiling, wet spots or any signs of abuse will void your warranty and make the bed ineligible for repair or replacement.

Do: Replace the foundation or use a wood platform when purchasing a new mattress to provide proper support. Old box springs wear out.

DO: Store your mattres flat if for any length of time. It's easier to carry your mattress or move on its side but keep flat when storing. It's less likely to get damaged.

Do: Throw away plastic material and let your mattress air out when it first arrives. Make sure no child or pet can get to this material because a child or pet can suffocate or get hurt.

Don't: Remove the law tag at the end of your mattress because this has an identification needed to establish warranty rights.

Don't: Jump on your mattress or bend excessively. This is not a trampoline and will limit the life of your mattress. Normal use of an adjustable base is permitted.

Don't: Use cleaning fluids on your mattress. The chemicals may damage some of the materials.

Don't: Let your mattress every get wet. This will damage and cause materials to compress. Again make sure to use a good mattress protector.

Don't: Smoke in bed it is unhealthy and can cause fires. This is the most common cause of fatal fires in the home.

DO: Enjoy your new mattress for years to come by following some of these simple rules.

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