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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Futon

Posted on Mon, Sep 05, 2011

Become a wise consumer when purchasing a futon by avoiding these 5 mistakes. Quality made durable futons are an excellent choice for any area of your living space. They are available in many price points but some are so cheaply made they are almost unusable. Solid Wood futons in general are better quality and last longer then metal ones. Metal and wood combinations are slightly stronger that all metal. Wood futon frame

1. Don't buy poor quality just because it's cheap. This can be expensive in the long run. What ever you want one for assume you want to sit on it or open for sleeping at some point.

2. Do not buy the wrong mattress. Know what you are using the futon for and go for comfort and quality. A good mattress will give good support and be comfortable for sitting as a sofa and sleeping. Futon mattresses come in a variety of thicknesses, and materials. Futon pads packed in boxes with a futon package  are not a mattress but simply a thin pad packaged with the frame. Not comfortable to sit or sleep on for too long because you can feel the bars or slats.

3. Do not buy without sitting on first! You cannot get the right futon without trying it out first. They are not all created equal. Just because some frames and mattresses look alike might not mean they are the same and you have to sit on and look at to really feel the difference. Frames have difference positions which could make a difference in the way they sit.

4. Measure your space before buying. Futons can be as long as a regular sofa and they always look smaller in a store or on line. Make sure you have room to open and close. Remember that futons come in all sizes so you can usually find one that fits.

5. DO NOT buy a used mattresses! Alway buy a new one even if you can find a bargain on a frame. But even with that, make sure the frame is stable and strong.

When buying for your home you want a durable, attractive comfortable piece of furniture and futons can be all of these things. Even when buying a college dorm item its nice if it can make it through the college years and still be usable. Buying so cheap that the futon has to be thrown away during the first year is a waste of money.

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