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10 Reasons to get a futon instead of a sofa sleeper!

Posted on Thu, Aug 04, 2011

futon settingThinking about a sofa sleeper? Think a futon instead. Here are 10 reasons to consider getting a comfortable and affordable futon. You'll be surprised how comfortable and well priced they are.

*Get a good night's rest! Futons are more comfortable than a traditional sleeper-sofa. There is no bar in your back. They open to a platfrom bed.

*Go mobile! Futons are light and easy to open and close. It only takes a second. Many have a lounge position too!

*Don't commit! Covers change easily for redecorating, so you can change your look as often as you change your mind or have one for every season.

*Save money! Futons are much more affordable than a traditional sleeper sofa. Customers are always commenting that they didn't think they can afford a nice one. What a nice surprise!

*Don't wait! We offer quick delivery and pickup. Many items you can take with you from the store.

*Invite Company! Great way to turn any room into a comfortable quest room in seconds.

*Don't limit yourself! Many sizes and finishes to choose from. Chairs, loveseats, full and queen in almost any style.

* Don't sacrifice style for comfort! Futon mattresses come in all comfort levels. Matresses come in cotton, cotton and foam, innersprings and memory foam. What is your favorite?

*Go ahead spill it! Covers come off for easy cleaning. Many are washable while others can be dry cleaned.

*Accessorize! Accent with covers, tables, lamps and bookcases too!

Whatever your look or style we have futons at prices you can afford.



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