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Mattresses sizes: What's standard

Posted on Sun, Jul 24, 2011

Why do mattresses seem to be shrinking? We delivered a platform bed and mattress to a customer last week to find out the mattress was too small for the bed. Mattresses are being delivered to customers with beds that look too big for the mattress all the time. What's going on? Over the past few years cheaper or really well priced low end mattresses have become smaller in overall size from many of the mattresses makers in order to save money.

When I called the sales representative from our mattress company he did not know why this happened nor did he know that the mattresses didn't come in standard sizes. He knows now!

1. First lets look at what are the standard sizes suppose to be:

Twin (sometimes called a single) 39"w x 75"L  

Full (also known as a double) 54"w x 75"L 

Queen 60"w x 80"L 

King 76"w x 80"L

2. Special sizes exsist in the twin and King catagory also:

Extra Long Twin (found in many dorm rooms) 39"w x 80"L 

California King (They grow taller and thinner in CA??) 72"w x 84"L

3. What's the problem?  Mattresses that are all foam or foam encased are cut to size, meaning they are the standard sizes you would expect. But if you order a cheaper innerspring mattress, some manufacturers may reduce costs by reducing the size by up to platform bed and mattress 2" therefore giving more space around your bed frame. If you order a box spring or foundation everything will fit together. But on a bed frame or platform bed the pieces could still be too small.

Ask the right questions when shopping for a new mattress. What is the finished size of the mattress or set that I am buying? Measure the inside distance between the sides and between the headboard and footboard. The mattress size should be approximately 1" - 2" less than the frame around it. This space is required so the sheets, blankets and bedding can wrap around the mattress. Too tight of a fit will cause daily problems when making the bed up.

All of this information is important in your decision making process. Happy shopping.

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