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A New Mattress is Worth the Splurge

Posted on Wed, Jun 15, 2011

Everyone loves a bargain but trying to save money on some items, like a good bed or futon mattress can actually cost you. There are 5 items worth the splurge. These items are Interior Paint, Estate Planning, Mattresses, Kitchen Knives and Running shoes. This article is based on one I read in USAA Magazine Summer of 2011.

Serta MattressesA better or newer mattress is the key to a better night's sleep according to all the experts. It doesn't matter which manufacturer you choose. It does matter what features you choose. The better the materials the more the mattress will cost. So choose a mattress based on the firmness, comfort level and sturdiness of the materials. A good queen mattress will cost more than a cheap one but it will last longer and give you better support for a longer time frame than the really low end ones.

It also does not matter if you want innersprings, memory foam or latex. But go for the best quality you can afford. I have mentioned before in another article to do your homework before shopping to know what is out there. Decide on your space and size that will fit best in your bedroom. Then decide on look. Do you want a high bed, or low platform bed. You can get a mattress set or just a mattress for a platform. Do not use your old foundation. It will not give you good support for the new mattress.

Remember it is better to save up for the high quality items and skip the discount stores. They don't save you money in the long run.

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