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Futons: High Style & Versatile

Posted on Wed, May 18, 2011

"If you haven't seen futons lately, you haven't seen futons!"


The latest futon designs are stylish and extremely versatile, offering a wide variety of choices in color, fabric, and design.

Futon furniture styles are not only contemporary, they can also be made in traditional, cottage, mission, early American, rustic… in fact, just about any style is available to match any home decor. Wood frames are available in many sizes, like full sofas, queen size sleepers, love seats, chairs and ottomans. You can select the perfect fit for your space.

"Futon Furniture can be used as a sofa in the living room; later in the evening it can become a guest room bed; another time, it's the mattress the kids pull out to watch a movie."

These days, futon sofa choices range from simple to sophisticated, with models incorporating the latest technical advances in style and construction.

In general metal frames are less expensive but are not as supportive or long lasting when used often. They can still be a good alternative for a less used room or an apartment sofa where only a year or two is needed. Kids love them for college dorms or extra sleeping in their rooms. Remember they are not as expensive so if after a few years they need replacing you are not out a lot of money.

-Article based on Business Word News on Futons 

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