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"I Don't Want a Futon"

Posted on Sat, Apr 30, 2011

I don't want a futonWe went from "I don't want a futon" to "when can you deliver it?" in about 30 minutes.

Yesterday, a lady came into our store and before I could say hello she let me know that she wasn't a fan of futons. But one of her friends, who was with her, suggested she look anyway.  She had a space that needed a bed for her mother-in-law when she arrived next weekend and nothing else would fit. The room was a downstairs study that you could see from the front hallway. She didn't want a regular bed and the hallway had a weird angle which wouldn't allow a big sofa bed to get into.

"This is just our specialty," I said to her, "and if you have not looked here before I think you will be surprised at the looks of a futon as well as the comfort of one."

After looking around she found several frames in the color and style she really liked. Then she found a comfortable innerspring mattress with a cover and pillows that all could be delivered within days to her home. It was easy to operate and would really look nice with what she already owned. And best of all, it was well within her budget.

She told me she was delighted with what she had found. We thanked the ladies and we have made a friend for life.

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