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Tips for Making Your Bedroom Perfect

Posted on Wed, Apr 20, 2011

Buying bedroom furniture can be mind boggling as well as time consuming. There are so many factors to consider. Your space, budget, personal style and how you want it to function to name just a few.

Follow these few steps to help make your shopping easier.

First: Consider the size of the room.

Consider the size of the bed and type of mattress first. It is really the most important item in the room. It will be your retreat and where you spend the most time. The bed dominates the room and determines what other pieces will fit. You don't want the bed to shrink the room by being overpowering. Make it practical as well as functional.

The Futon Store Memphis

A small bedroom looks better with taller pieces, lighter woods and not too bright with the fabrics where a larger bedroom needs heavier furniture and can take larger scale pieces. Maybe a smaller sofa or sitting grouping.

Second: What style do you like?

Antique, traditional, contemporary, or modern design? What makes you feel comfortable? There are a variety of options in each of these areas. Which ever style you decide to go with look at the options in space and finish as well as storage. Express yourself with your style.

Third: What price range do you want to be looking into?

This can be looked at in several different ways. If your are willing to add items as you go you might be able to purchase a nicer quality bedroom set. But if it is a full set that matches you might need to go with a less expensive line or fewer items.

Futon Store Memphis Researching what you are thinking of before you hit the stores is an excellent idea. Make sure you have the measurments of the room and sizes of what will fit in each area. Furniture in stores always has a way of looking smaller than when you get it in your home. Decide before you shop what you can afford to spend to avoid pressure. Make a list of those items you will need to make the room functional and comfortable.

 Example: If you love to read, a small bookcase or night stand with a shelf for books is great. Or If you like to watch old movies than an entertainment center might be perfect.

The best way to make a bedroom that looks and functions well is to make sure to go for solutions that provide both enough storage  and is well organized plus gives you the look you want.

Happy shopping!

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