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Are Futons Comfortable?

Posted on Thu, Apr 14, 2011

Dear Futon Lady,

I have a child who is about to graduate from high school and intends on living in the dorms at college. We want to turn the bedroom into an office space but still have a place for her to sleep when she comes home for breaks. Is a futon comfortable enough to sleep on over long breaks like Christmas & summer?

futon store memphis

- Mom in Collierville


Dear Collierville Mom,

Futons have come a long way since you and I went to college. While you can still find some poorly-made, uncomfortable futons at Walmart or other big department stores, we specialize in futons which means we have the expert knowledge to give you the very best.

Some of our customers sleep on a futon 365 days out of the year. Our stores carry nine different types of futon mattresses with different thicknesses and filling (i.e. innerspring, memory foam, cotton/ foam, etc.) Not to mention all the frames we carry in different styles and finishes to compliment your desk and/ or any other items in the room.

My best advice would be: bring your child into our store. In the store, she will be able to test out our mattresses and let you know for herself how comfortable a futon can be! And you will be able to select the style and look you want for your home office.

- The Futon Lady

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