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What is a Platform Bed?

Posted on Wed, Apr 06, 2011

"Platform beds are beds whose base consists of a raised, flat, hard, horizontal surface meant to support just a mattress. Platform beds provide firm cushioning and with the support of slats or solid paneling, they eliminate the need for a box-spring or a mattress foundation; they give adequate support for a mattress by itself."
- WikipediaZeta Platform Bed

Platform beds have become a contemporary classic. Ours is exceptionally well built and offer endless options like under drawers, attached benches, matching dressers, chests, nightstands and media centers all available to finish off any bedroom. The slats are consistent with a European slat system used for years in other countries. Memory foam or latex mattresses work well on this type of system as well as traditional innersprings.Typically platform beds do not have a footboard to keep the style simple and sleek.

Rene Platform Bed"A mattress set on top of a wood or plastic platform or pedestal. Sometimes the mattress is recessed into a frame on the top of the platform, and there is a shelf that may go partially or completely around the perimeter."
- Eco-furniture.co

Platform beds are made in metal as well as soft or hardwoods and many different combinations. They can come with or without headboards and only take a mattress. Check out our bedroom section for the latest additions.

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