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What goes with Futons?

Posted on Fri, Apr 01, 2011

I started thinking about what would go with futons in our store? I did a little research and found lots of interesting stories about what other stores carry to sell or just keep you entertained. Here is a list from stores in different areas of the country that caught my attention.

GOESWITHFUTONFutons and jewelry, like biker variety, anything pierced and some nice stuff. Something big and something little.

Futons and pets, not selling them but living with them in the store. Cats were the most popular followed by dogs. Sometimes way too many cats. How could you deal with allergy prone customers? Fish are good and look pretty in a tank while sitting on a nice futon in your den with a decorative cover, maybe one with fish on it. And last, a talking parrot who, when anybody came in with food, yelled "c'mere".

Futons and rolling papers, Oops can't do that in the south!

Futons and cappuccino, That would make the store smell wonderful! But who is going to serve it? And what about spills? We do have protective covers so the mattresses won't get wet.

Futons and big screens, Sit back on a comfortable futon in lounge position, perfect for your man cave. I guess la-z-boys could fit with a futon too. You can match the comfort level and cover.

One store even sells futons and barstools to apartment dwellers. All you need is a futon sofa sleeper and bar stools for the kitchen and you're all set.

So what do we sell? Futons, futon mattresses, futon covers, platform beds, serta specialty mattresses and kids bedroom furniture. Stop in, say hello and see for yourself. We'd love to help you.

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