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Top Five Ways to Utilize Your Spare Room

Posted on Fri, Feb 04, 2011

Why waste your extra space on a room that guests sleep in a few times a year? A futon is a great way to help you save space in a spare room so that you have a place for guests to sleep, while still utilizing that space throughout the year.

1. Home Office

The most popular way to utilize a spare room is to make it into a home office. Most standard guest bedrooms have plenty of room for a futon and a nice sized desk, chair and bookshelves. With a variety of different finishes, it’s easy to match your furniture so that it’s presentable for company and useful to you.

2. Media Room

Whether you’re watching movies or playing the wii this is a great way to be able to use your guest room for family activities. A futon has plenty of room for multiple people to sit and enjoy each other’s company. Then when you’re guests come to visit, just lay down the futon and add sheets!

3. Playroom

The kids are always leaving their toys around the house anyway. Why not give them a room for just that? They can play in there on the futon, then when guests visit…

4. Man-cave

Make him a place where he has his own space. The guys can come over and watch football, play video games, whatever it is that they do. Or when he’s been misbehaving, kick him to the futon and give your couch a break.

5. Storage room/ Closet

Your guest room often becomes more like a giant junk drawer that has to be cleaned out every time someone comes to stay. Why not convert the space into an organized storage area? Home improvement departments have all sorts of storage ideas that don’t look nearly as junky as all the things that get tossed in that spare room. An organized storage place will make you more comfortable and less stressed for visitors.

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