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Make Your Ex Jealous!

Posted on Wed, Sep 22, 2010

Futon Premium Twilight 005[1] resized 600…with break up friendly furniture from the Futon Store. 

You don’t have to live in an empty space when you can start over with the greatest furniture invention of all time, a futon!  All your furniture may have stayed with your ex, but you just may be the lucky one.  While he/she is living with the constant memory your old stuff is sure to evoke, you will have a great new place to sit and sleep without sacrificing comfort or space.  And, when you are ready to get a more permanent place, you'll have a great piece of furniture  for your guest room, fishing cabin, craft room, home office, or TV room. 

We're not talking about the traditional dorm futon of your past.  That would be a step backwards (and you probably left that with the ex anyway).  Our futons are customizable...made from real hardwood with real mattresses.  You can even add storage if you need it.  A fresh start is as easy as 1-2-3. Pick your frame style and material, mattress thickness and comfort level and stylish cover and VOILA..  The best thing is, you didn't have to ask your former partner for their opinion.  The possibilities are yours alone! 

So, don’t feel defeated!  Stop by either Futon Store location today, East Memphis or Cordova and we'll help you pick the perfect piece to start anew.  After all, the best way to get back at your ex is to just move on.

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