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Sex, Sleep and Your Mattress!

mattress and foundation


Lately, it seems everywhere I look there is a discussion going on about mattress materials and which one is best for sleep and sex. I Never thought I'd see this kind of discussion in the media. According to Sleep Savvy Magazine July/August 2013 publication, everyone's talking about what mattress is best for SEX!  


Go Modern with a Platform Bed

dark platform bed

Try updating your bedroom with a new platform bed. Clean, simple designs can coordinate with almost any decor. Want an uncluttered room that looks and feels more spacious? A platform bed is what you want. Now all you need is a new mattress, minus the box springs, for saving you money. Platform beds use wood slats or a solid base for your mattress to rest on. Whether you prefer oriental designs, modern, or traditional furniture there is a platform bed for you. 

Improve Your Sleep with a New Mattress

memory gel foam mattress

Just by getting a new mattress you can improve your sleep. If you wake up tired and achy the time has come for a new mattress. Whether you choose to sleep on a futon or traditional mattress set, you need something comfortable and supportive. There are a variety of mattresses available today from which to choose. Innerspring mattresses are still the most popular. They have been around since the first half of the 1900s but have changed dramatically over the years in how they are made. Six to eight inches use to be the standard height. Today it's common to find toppers like, memory foam, latex or other pillow top like materials that add 5-6 inches making the mattresses 12-16 inches. Because basic springs are not comfortable to sleep on these other materials add comfort but makes them really tall.


Mattress Shopping? Be Frugal Not Cheap!

mattress on futon bed

Shopping for a new bed mattress can be confusing and frustrating. Many times the lowest priced mattresses in a store are equal to the more expensive ones in terms of your support and comfort. The outside doesn't matter, what's on the inside makes all the difference. Eye appeal doesn't make a mattress feel better and it gets covered up by sheets anyway. You want to be frugal not cheap in your choices when shopping. Know the store where you are shopping. Can you trust the store to tell you the truth or are they just trying to sell you something? Too many choices in the store can be confusing instead of helpful. Pushing on a mattress with your hand gives you no information on feel or how it would support you.


Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattresses

gel foam mattress, gel foam memphis

Are you a hot sleeper? A new cool gel mattress might be your answer. Cool gel infused memory foam is the newest advancement in giving you a great night's sleep. Like memory foam you get better pressure relieve and excellent body support while sleeping. Since a third of our life is spent in bed, you need to get the best and most suppportive mattress you can afford. Changing lifestyles and age are a great reason to look at improving your sleep situation.


A New Mattress Can Improve Your Sleep!

serta mattress set memphis

Everyone experience a better night's sleep simply by getting a new bed mattress. Studies show immediate health benefits from purchasing a new mattress. Benefits include less stiffness, reduced back pain, less tossing and turning.When you consider you spend a major portion of your life sleeping, that's a big deal!


Tips for Selecting the Correct Bed Mattress.

Serta iComfort mattress memphis

Going mattress shopping can be a confusing and difficult process. You have so many to choose from. The information on each mattress can leave you not knowing which is best to buy. Memory foam? Innerspring? Latex? Gel Foam? Adjustable Air? And then there are price differences not only between the different types of mattresses, but from one manufacturer to another. So which ones are best? That really depends on your needs, how you sleep, and your budget.                                                         


Serta Sheep Cupcakes

Serta Sheep Cupcakes

The Serta sheep have always been so cute you could just eat them... and now you can!


New Serta Mattress for a New Year

serta mattresses in memphis

Everyone functions better on a good night's sleep. There's no better time than the new year to treat yourself to a new Serta bed mattress.


5 Tips for Bed Mattress Matrimony

bed mattress & foundation

Shopping for a new mattress takes two if you are in a relationship. Both parties need to be in agreement on which mattress is best in terms of size and comfort for each person. Following are 5 helpful hints to read before you start shopping. Do your research to know where to shop and what is available in your market. There are several reasons you might be looking for a new mattress. The mattress was there before the relationship or even from a prior relationship. The mattress may be too small for the two of you or the mattress is just uncomfortable.

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